Volatile.           [boy x boy]

Volatile. [boy x boy]

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Alyss By TheVeryLoudSilence Completed

Nathan is sweet, smart, and painfully shy. He has the highest grades in his class, but what else do you expect from a scientist's son? Nathan's mother died when he was young and his father was a distant shadow, always working at the lab. One day, much to Nathan's surprise, his father invites him to visit him at the lab, telling the young boy he has something to show him.

Brandon is charming, seductive, and painfully lonely. He drowns his loneliness in the company of girlfriends that he really doesn't care for at all. He thinks, no he knows, his mother his cheating on his father and somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows why. But like anyone who didn't want to know the truth, he ignores it. Instead, he decides to confront his mother at work. She works at a lab along with Nathan's father. 

The two never expected to find what they did. And when they come upon their first discovery, it leaves them trapped in a lab with no way out. While there, some interesting things come to light that neither boy expected to find. And while some pretty Earth shattering things go on outside the protected walls of the lab, the more things seem to go wrong outside, the more things seem to come to light on the inside. 

And then, these two boys discover that it just might be them against the world.