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In Love With My Twin

In Love With My Twin

42.7K Reads 937 Votes 17 Part Story
Mrs_Ackles22 By Mrs_Ackles22 Updated Jul 12

°This is strictly incest so if you don't like this kind of stuff I suggest you don't read it.°

Andre is in love with his twin sister Maisey and can't help but feel disgusted with himself but what happens when Maisey finds out, will she love him back? Or will she be disgusted and leave? Find out on the crazy adventure of In Love With My Twin.

O.O I couldnt even tell youre dyslexic, thats how good this story is!!!
knows_nothing knows_nothing Aug 04, 2016
Man.. if you're dyslexic, then i'm a total kinder garden drop out..
aura_maze aura_maze Mar 14, 2016
DAMN! The concept is already interesting but that!!!! up there!!! <3 has me hooked now!!!! this book should be getting more praise I swear if I could i'd vote 1k times :) well done fellow writer.
Its_Just_A_Heart Its_Just_A_Heart Mar 10, 2016
                              ANDRE ANDRE ANDREeeeeee
                              *mind gets flooded with Andre and Andtomeda*'
Its_Just_A_Heart Its_Just_A_Heart Mar 10, 2016
Sigh...I didn't get to watch my Andre and Andromeda together. Atleast, I'll watch Andre and Maisey and wipe off my tears. *sniffle*
                              Lol. Great start :)