Untouchable: The Stalker Within

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Rebecca By Bex1050 Completed
Annabel was a happy college student with good friends and a great life but when the new (very hot) kid, Blake, comes to the school, she starts to feel attraction towards him, but he's off limits, untouchable, but they share a few kisses, after that she stops seeing him it all goes down hill but she didn't think it would go as far as a mystery guy following her in the night .....
Ohhh and I forgot to say that I absolutely love the title :) It's awesome!
It was really interesting love the plot! A few mistakes but that's alright. I suggest that you try to separate the dialog away from the paragraphs that way it be easier to read(: but overall it was really good.
                                    - Nanette
@Bex1050 :D It's never a problem gurl!! We're here to help if we can!