The Joker *ON HOLD* (Re Editing Soon)

The Joker *ON HOLD* (Re Editing Soon)

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chloe price💙☄ By thewalkingharley Updated Jun 12

"Oh I'm not gonna kill ya... I'm just gonna hurt ya, really really bad"

Alex gets kidnapper into jokers world into his plans, although she tries to escape things happen along the way hatetride, jealousness, hurt, lust, love, trust, passion, and craziness. 

but will she become jokers toy or someome he forms to begin to care about?

"all you need to know is you work for me"

[I do not own the character Joker all rights to DCcomics they own Joker I'm just writing a fanfic of him from the new movie]

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After watching the movie Suicide Squad I've come to realize that I'm starting to have a huge obsession with the Joker and I've always loved him but the man that plays the Joker in the movie was so damn sexy that I just can't help but want him inside of me
First of all, I'm like swiper the fox from Dora. I would've swiped my arm faster than he could've thought to grab it. *snaps finger and dramatically walks out*
Okay, so that was a little weird but still, don't deny it people, we all have a couple screws loose when it comes to him!
Armisa_Luv Armisa_Luv Feb 09
Hes NOT crazy hes HYPER SANE and GCPD keeps putting him in arkham and every time hes happy because HE KNOWS hes anything but crazy
I loved Jared Leto as the joker, some of the people I know keep saying he was a horrible choice for the joker
Armisa_Luv Armisa_Luv Feb 09
Everything since I've read over 2000 of his appearances and currently there's a little over 2200 comics with him in appearance