Eleven Shorts +1

Eleven Shorts +1

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Eleven short stories, posted one story at a time:

Two little girls, in two different eras, yearning for their parents. A shy girl in a new country. An uncertain woman dancing back into life after the death of a spouse. A thrilling short short. Mother and son argue over what is dignity, what value her life. A creepy little short that won an honourable mention in the Hart House Short Story Contest. The bureaucrat and his ever-so-busy day. A party that glitters and excludes ones who don't fit. A daughter rebels. A mother and her youngest, a conflict without end, that only death can solve? Murder stalks the homeless in Toronto's innocent streets.

I hope you enjoy these stories!

The ePub and Kindle versions include a bonus romance, written in 1919 by my grandmother, about two people who have to face danger to find each other. There's a story in that:

My mother’s sister and mother liked to write poetry. My mother’s mother was a stellar speller and a killer Scrabble player. But I had no idea until recently that as an adolescent she had written and submitted stories for publication. I don’t think her queries were successful. And it wasn’t long before she got married and started riding the Wall of Death as a living with her husband. And so in honour of that century-ago effort of hers, I reproduced in the ePub, as she typed it errors and all (or what I suppose to be errors as grammar is different between countries and eras), the story my mother – her daughter – found recently in an old envelope postmarked from London 6:15 pm 23 SP 19 (23 September 1919) to Miss D. Searby. Purchase "Eleven Shorts +1" at Smashwords or Amazon to read it.



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OliveJeejeebhoy OliveJeejeebhoy Feb 18, 2013
reflects so well on what a new child in any situation feels.perhaps a good read for adults as they tend to forget what it is to beachild
OliveJeejeebhoy OliveJeejeebhoy Feb 18, 2013
excellent discription the writer has the ability to pull the reader into the feelings of the characters in the book
ShireenJeejeebhoy ShireenJeejeebhoy Feb 14, 2013
@LenaSanth Thank you so much! I like to try to give people a reason to keep reading. Glad you did! :)
LenaSanth LenaSanth Feb 13, 2013
It was great story , you are an excellent story teller. My attention was captured from the first paragraph........I didn't want the story to end.......that's how I know author captured my imagination.... :)
ShireenJeejeebhoy ShireenJeejeebhoy Feb 10, 2013
You're my first commenter Alyssa! Thank you so much for reading my story and especially for your kind words!! I'm glad you liked Angelica.