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Truth behind the Smile (Various! Naruto  x Reader)

Truth behind the Smile (Various! Naruto x Reader)

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HIISSSSSSSSS By _jet54 Completed

Warning: A LOT of references. This book was made for fun C: Enjoy~! 
Haru Hatake, younger sibling of the Copy ninja, Kakashi Hatake.

(Written for girls, but it doesn't matter :P )

Ranked jonin, impressive for a 12 year old. He is very skilled, one of the best Jonins, as I say so myself.

Wait...He? I mean she,(Y/n) Hatake. She's adopted, former member of the (l/n) clan...which doesn't exist anymore...

No one really knows what happened OR what the clan is. Except for herself, the third hokage, Kakashi, and a few others.

They also know what's inside of her...

Akane, a Dragon with powers that are greater than all of the tailed beasts combined.

Everyone thinks it's a myth...To protect her, the Third Hokage orders her to crossdress as a boy. So (Y/n) is now known as Haru Hatake, the adopted younger brother of Kakashi, a skilled shinobi.

And What happens when Kakashi asks her to help out with Team 7? //Chapters aren't edited//

I am humbled to find my people... making jokes about Haru and Haruhi *wipes away tears*
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