His Demon Lord (boyxboy)(on hold)

His Demon Lord (boyxboy)(on hold)

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Ocean_Eyes831 By Ocean_Eyes831 Updated Jun 27, 2016

Lucious Dale is a young warlock just testing the waters of his youthful power.  He lives with his mother and father in their lively coven of witches. One night as he sat alone in his room. He accidentally summoned a powerful demon. Raul is a demon lord who has all the power, lovers, and gold anyone can ask for. Then one night he found himself looking into a beautiful little warlocks lavender eyes, and decided he couldn't live without those eyes. Instead of rejecting the mating bond the little warlock cast on him he accepted it. Not knowing how difficult it was taming the wild.

Rated R and not edited 

Third book in the Supernatural Lovers series

Part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.

  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • boyxman
  • bxb
  • demon
  • dominant
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • manxboy
  • mate
  • obsessed
  • paranormal
  • possessive
  • romance
  • submisive
  • supernatural
  • vampire
  • warlock
  • witch
  • yaoi
PotatoJeff4848 PotatoJeff4848 Oct 26, 2017
Short story 
                              I was reading the first book then saw that one chapter that said there were gonna be more books so yeah I almost killed myself by jumping up and then I saw THIS ONE WITH LUCAS AND RAUL OMGGGG!!!!!!!!
xxxcherryhill xxxcherryhill Aug 08, 2017
I would of switched books and kept the one I really wanted 😏
PotatoJeff4848 PotatoJeff4848 Oct 26, 2017
^^ still haven't finished the first one had to read this one!!!
Frozenblood0 Frozenblood0 May 24, 2017
lol me when i have kids...I'll probably end up stealing their books
Vampiresinlove Vampiresinlove Jan 24, 2017
Ugghh I hate it when I'm one of those girls in the lot. My brother is the only young male in our family and that gets him so much attention
Vampiresinlove Vampiresinlove Jan 24, 2017
Why can't my grandmother be like this. She started world war 3 in the house over me wearing black nail polish. She claimed that I was influenced by the devil