Lillian Potter: Harry Potter's Twin Sister

Lillian Potter: Harry Potter's Twin Sister

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Lillian Potter has lived most of her life so far in misery. But when she and her twin brother Harry are told they are wizards, their whole life is about to change. 

They head off for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the last thing they know when they get there is that the rest of their life is going to be one of the most hectic things a person could ever go through. 

From finding out how her parents truly died, to meeting people who will always be by her side, and to almost dying several times, Lillian Potter is in for seven years worth of trouble.

KumiUzumaki KumiUzumaki Dec 08, 2016
*Doing the same kickdance*
                              "YOU NEED DANCING LESSONS!!!" brother screams
                              "Hahahahahahahah!! YOU'RE JUST JELLY!!" I say
                              *the family sweatdrops and someone fainted*
MackenzieFoyFan4Ever MackenzieFoyFan4Ever Oct 06, 2016
A pile of bones under tombstones
                              Too soon?
                              Okay. I'll leave now.
KumiUzumaki KumiUzumaki Dec 08, 2016
BURN!!! for 2 reasons 
                              1 - Yeah! Where is your neck?
                              2 - set fire to your bottom. 😊
SpaceUnicorns97 SpaceUnicorns97 Oct 14, 2016
The real question is, is it Dudley's ice cream or his own ice cream that Dudley's friend is eating?
LaraMalfoy04 LaraMalfoy04 Dec 22, 2016
Love her! Got an attitude, but not nearly as good as mine! HAHAHAH
KyleRippe KyleRippe Nov 07, 2016
I always imagined that Harry's sister would be the calmer, more like there mother. But in every fanfic I read, the less it is