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The Alien By EDoan19 Completed

My name is Ivy Wing, I'm a Protector. Also I can fly, well I am a wolf, but I have wings. I'm the last of my kind, a Wolfwing. I can turn into a human too. I have black hair that goes to my waist, blue eye's, and I wear all black clothes: long selves shirt, black skinny jeans, black boots, and my most favorite thing, a black cloak. When I'm in human form, I have a sword that can change into any weapons that I'm good at, like: a sword, a bow, a dagger, an axe, and any kind of guns. My life is hard though, cause I have no family. My family protected me from the evil tigerwing's. Yes, that's what they were called, a tiger that has wings. They have a leader, a king tiger, he is the worst animal you can think of. I can also do magic, there was once witches, but they all disappeared. I found the book of magic, it belongs to my family though, not witches. It has everything you want to know, like: healing, strength, hearing, also I can make flowers out of my hand. I hope to find my mate though, well maybe I should be in disguise to find him. I hope the tigerwing's will not follow. They usually come out in day, but it will be good since my family taught me to fit in. Maybe the werewolves will help me, but I'll never tell them what I am. well, this is going to be good.  Well, this is just the beginning!!!!!!

(Cover by @Sarah_Kingxx)

lol i think you meant summer not sumner... or maybe you did?
wingedalpha wingedalpha Jun 23
This is an amazing and well written chapter. I just have one question; Why does she bed down in a tree when she has a cabin somewhere in the woods? I'm assuming I'll find out in the next chapter, but I am just speculating.
MoonliteHowl143 MoonliteHowl143 Aug 30, 2016
Wow I'm not the only one that calls wolves with wings "wolfwings" YAY  hehe
astro-logical astro-logical Jan 30, 2016
I'm going to imagine her wolf as black with golden wings with a bit of black and a stripe of gold going like This    o=eye I=stripe
bookreaderfoever bookreaderfoever Sep 17, 2015
Should've done black wings with pure gold outline that would be pretty
vivernator vivernator Mar 18, 2015
wow. (O.O) You're an AMAZING author. just wow. this is great. thank you so much for writing!