You Messed With The Wrong Nerd (Read At Your Own Risk - Will Edit At Some Point)

You Messed With The Wrong Nerd (Read At Your Own Risk - Will Edit At Some Point)

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Meet Alyssa King. Need by day assassin by night. She is a trained professional in killing those who try to discover her dads secret. But the world she knew is shaken up when new boy Asher comes to town, questioning what she does and who she's doing it for. 

Contains unbelievable cliche and soppy stuff. I apologise on behalf of the 13 year old me that wrote this

cover by obsessions-

ElinorCHall ElinorCHall Apr 15, 2016
When you first meet me I'm shy and won't talk but when you get to know me I'm crazy and won't shut up.
mimififi68 mimififi68 Aug 12, 2016
I'm crying because I just finished "hating the player" so this book better distract me 😫😭😭
JiminsJarOfJam JiminsJarOfJam Jan 17, 2016
At a first glance people would think of me as awe a cute little shy girl a second glance they look at me with wide eyes as I show them how crazy I am.
Sequile Sequile Jan 04, 2016
People judge me from my cover. 
                              They think I'm just some quiet girl in the back. 
                              He'll no. 
                              I'm learning you. 
                              Trying to find your weakness. 
                              To destroy you later.
                              So don't judge a book from the cover!
dilucas4444 dilucas4444 Oct 12, 2015
I literally uploaded this a few hours ago, and I didn't even know about this book then.  :0  :
                              Never judge a book by its cover…Especially when someone else informs you of it.
jiesza jiesza Oct 30, 2013
Very interesting!! It's on my library already and i'm gonna start reading this. :D