Helpless • Sterek

Helpless • Sterek

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"I'm sick of feeling helpless, Derek! I do nothing to help this pack, I just stand there and be... human! I mess up everything and i'm sick of it! I don't even know why i'm talking to you about this, you hate me!" I screamed, tears rolling down my cheeks. My body slid down the wall, looking at the floor helplessly. 

"You're not helpless, Stiles," Derek chuckled, squatting down to my level with a look of humor on his face. 

"It's not funny. I almost got Scott killed because he was focused on protect me, the stupid human!" I wiped my tears, looking up into Derek's brown eyes. 

"If you weren't here, I wouldn't be able to control myself," Derek stated, raising his eyebrows at me as a small smile made its way to his face. "So, you're not helpless. At least, not to me," Derek quickly grabbed a hold of my face and plunged his lips to mine.

He said I wasn't helpless, but I felt helpless because I couldn't seem to will myself to pull away from him.

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AryaDumbledore AryaDumbledore Apr 08, 2016
That video... I don't even know what to say 'bout it. Tears, tears and more tears. Your story so far is beautifully writing. I'm attached to it.
- - Jan 30, 2016
NevaehHM NevaehHM Jul 30, 2016
Yeah.. Prelactically cried through the whole video.. Partiallly because it's so sad and brings back memories but also because it reminds me that this is the final season of Teen Wolf.
Sky_Romance Sky_Romance Jan 16, 2016
I can just imagine stiles d!ćk poking out of the water and the rest of his body is under
Ssavage_101 Ssavage_101 Dec 09, 2015
Wait arnt sirens mermaid creatures that sing songs to you and get you into a trance... mermaids need water to move around... Stiles get the hell out ahhhhh
tanyagibbs53 tanyagibbs53 Jun 24, 2015
please update soon I'm hooked already. its so good. you have a talent . plz....