Black Widow Daughter of Ares (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Black Widow Daughter of Ares (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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ihavenoselfcontrol By ICantPickAFavFandom Updated Feb 20, 2016

What if Natasha Romanoff was actually a daughter of the War God Ares?  

Persephone Jackson (My femPercy Jackson character ) is sent to bring the famous Avenger, Black Widow to Camp Olympus and inform her of her demigod heritage. 

It's not really an actual story with like a major plot and all. And yes, it does use the character I wrote a background for which you might want to read or it could get a little bit confusing.
All of my stories/one-shots will use that character unless I say otherwise.

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angelwyne angelwyne Jan 31
I didnt know my friend was here!!
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Rudeness. What if we wer alone and depressed on Christmas and telling us maerry Christmas made us feel better? And then u took it back.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Wait is the table a circle? If so then how is there a "head" of the table or has no sides
SassyTigerLilly SassyTigerLilly Mar 13, 2017
I red this out loud in a really dull tone filled with so much sarcasm  i didn't make it to the authors note before i fell out if chair in Laughter.
                              Now I've got a sneaky suspicion my dog thinks i'm crazyer then i appear!
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I wanted to scream at the movie! As a matter of fact,  if I wasn't in a crowded movie theater,  I would have!!! Very loudly!!!
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I'm trying not to laugh because I'm actually singing "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" right now. My voice is shaky because I'm trying to laugh.