Black Widow Daughter of Ares (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Black Widow Daughter of Ares (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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What if Natasha Romanoff was actually a daughter of the War God Ares?  

Persephone Jackson (My femPercy Jackson character ) is sent to bring the famous Avenger, Black Widow to Camp Olympus and inform her of her demigod heritage. 

It's not really an actual story with like a major plot and all. And yes, it does use the character I wrote a background for which you might want to read or it could get a little bit confusing.
All of my stories/one-shots will use that character unless I say otherwise.

I wanted to scream at the movie! As a matter of fact,  if I wasn't in a crowded movie theater,  I would have!!! Very loudly!!!
I'm trying not to laugh because I'm actually singing "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" right now. My voice is shaky because I'm trying to laugh.
Coolabigirl Coolabigirl Nov 24
My bby.....
                              *goes and cries on a corner even tho the movie has been out since forever*
: ,  I see what you did there!  (Please excuse my poor attempt at a smirk emoji, I'm on a device that doesn't have emojis)
thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 a day ago
That has got to be the most perfect authors note I have ever read
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I didn't like it one tiny little bit when they killed that person off