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We live in a world full of people pretending to be something they are not.

Do you have someone that looks exactly like you? Well, I do and her name is Faith. She's my sister that is 2 years older than me. Even though we are not twins, we look identical. People mistake us for each other all the time. 

One day, when my sister gets into an arranged marriage, she wants out. She plans this ridiculous plan for us to swap roles. I will get married 'pretending' to be her, while she lived pretending to be me. As time goes by, I start falling in love with someone I should not have.

A/N: The sequel has been posted and it is about Hope and Lucas's daughter. They will be in it, but it will be mostly about their daughter.

stelabloom stelabloom Mar 19
and he thought now that she was Faith not Hope.........god this is so sad
OHMy_GorGeousnesss OHMy_GorGeousnesss Nov 07, 2016
Trueee! And a lot in this little world called Wattpad 😂😂👌👌
OHMy_GorGeousnesss OHMy_GorGeousnesss Nov 08, 2016
Dudeee! I thought for a second there that you were gonna go and hug her and tell her everything Is going to be alright.. Etc..etc. Definitely didn't see that coming.😂😂😂😂😂
_LilDark _LilDark Aug 12, 2016
Yep. Me and my sister has two years difference and it gets annoying when people ask if we are twins.
344nayaZaynrainbowy 344nayaZaynrainbowy Oct 09, 2016
Omg the first chapter is like on of the best intros I've read wow