My Pack (Completed)

My Pack (Completed)

346K Reads 9.6K Votes 20 Part Story
Chloe By Writer92 Completed

Book 3 in the My Mate series

This book has been rated R, I think it's mainly to do with the swearing, but there is no sexual content in this story.

Logan has it all figured out, his Alpha in his school and is soon to be Alpha of his Dad's Rafe pack. Nothing can stop him from doing and getting whatever he wants. His life is completely perfect.

Then he meets his mate.

  • children
  • family
  • jonathon
  • logan
  • mate
  • moving
ShyannMapes ShyannMapes Apr 16, 2017
Boy I'm beat you black and blue when I crawl through this screen and get into this story. Enough is enough you never disrespect someone or there sexuality like that. You are disgraceful boy a real disgrace.
Taecock_ Taecock_ Mar 06
*sharpens knife*
                              Do you prefer sitting or laying done while being tortured?
AsUsefulAsDansBelt AsUsefulAsDansBelt Mar 25, 2017
Did *eyes twitches* call *eyes twitches* your dads *eyes twitches* fags? *eyes twitches* I'm fine *sharpens knife*
o0Septiplier0o o0Septiplier0o Nov 18, 2015
Nobody messes with his family. It makes perfect sense that he calls his Dads fags.
xxbblakeexx xxbblakeexx Nov 15, 2015
Am I the only when who busted into tears after reading his name? Gosh I hate that he's dead
youngflybaby14 youngflybaby14 Jul 28, 2015
I have a feelin. 
                              That tonight's  gonna be a good night
                              That tonight's gonna be a good good night.  I ship it