Princess? Please, I'm the Queen

Princess? Please, I'm the Queen

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_starbucksisLiFe_ By _starbucksisLiFe_ Updated Jun 06

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" He asked. "Heaven? No. But I think I scraped my knee when I crawled up from hell." I replied back with a smirk.

Amethyst Astrid Angelique Ashlynn Rose was not your typical, pretty faced, doe eyed, shiny haired girl. Oh no, she was more than just that. She was nothing like her name, I'll tell you that, and was fully convinced that the stories her brother told her about supernatural beings were totally wrong and insane. I mean, how can one turn into a wolf or suck blood for a living if there's no science to back it up? But what happens when on a dark and cloudy day, she finds one and is instantly attracted to it? And that guy from her new school that somehow gets her all flustered and self conscious? Why did he say he rejected her? How come she can suddenly hear and see better? What is going on?! Join her in her hectic life to find out more!

This is my first book and the description really sucks. Sorry :( 
(I try ya know?)

  • boy
  • firststory
  • girl
  • hunters
  • mates
  • rejection
  • royal
  • werewolf
  • whitewolf
Anndalousse Anndalousse May 08, 2016
Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez 😂😂😂
live1love2life live1love2life May 14, 2016
Hmmmm 😊😊😊  wise and good pranks. Ya I like this book so fare😊
skymoon2002 skymoon2002 Sep 01, 2016
It's like they couldn't find the one perfect name so decided rheyvwould have more than one😂
LuvNDrugs LuvNDrugs Sep 18, 2016
I mean milk and eggs is actually good for your hair n i guess maple syrup can be for the smell and i always wanted my hair pink so id kind of be lit if i were him😅
Royallyhexed Royallyhexed Sep 27, 2016
This is my kind of book I like this little prankster already
NoOneCares38 NoOneCares38 Jul 08, 2016
dang that girl a straight savage lmfao,i feel bad for her brother.