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crack the shutters. | larry & niam.

crack the shutters. | larry & niam.

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nadine By carsunderwater Completed

❞ "He is insane." - "He is a psychopath." - "He is dangerous." ❞

The list of rumors about Harry Styles was long, and everyone knew them but no one knew the truth. The only thing they knew was that Harry was lonely, shutted everyone out and pushed people away. No one bothered to go near Harry and everyone stayed away from him, until Louis moved into town. 

Louis was told to stay away from Harry at his first day in the new town, but that wasn't how Louis worked, so he ignored all the warnings and tried everything to get closer to Harry and to get to know the curly-haired boy.

As his uncle told him when he was younger: "There always is a reason behind people's behaviour, no person changes unfounded. Don't judge, find out the reason and help. Sometimes a person just needs a special person to fix them."

And Harry wasn't the only person with problems and secrets.

** This story can be triggering at some points, pleas be careful. **

[ currently unedited ]

smol_louis_ smol_louis_ Oct 28, 2016
"I dont know what you think that thing is,but thats not my son!!"
If he's called insane because he doesn't like people.. so am I insane too?
JordiRiley JordiRiley Jan 20
My one school had a 1 library that was the size of 2 public librarys and a giant cafeteria.  We had 12,000 students in grade 9-12
                              The other school I went to had 2 small cafeterias and a media center with books in it no library. We only had 2,500 students in grade 7-12
                              Big difference.
Crxzy_Stylinsxn_ Crxzy_Stylinsxn_ Oct 29, 2016
Am I the only one who doesn't really mind morning? I know my kind are pretty rare but like, I'm not the only one am I?
JordiRiley JordiRiley Jan 20
For some reason im picturing a scene from a walk to remember.
Crxzy_Stylinsxn_ Crxzy_Stylinsxn_ Oct 29, 2016
I googled my instagram username once and opened the photos section, and I found a couple pictures from my account…my account was private…