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Suits➯ Kingsman

Suits➯ Kingsman

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sleepy bby By -voidskywalker Completed

"I always did love a man in a suit."
"I guess it's a good thing I had one made then."


Why is everybody pretending they have an IQ of 140+? Average is 90-110 so I highly doubt you all have an IQ of more than 130, which is only 2.3% of test takers. 😂😂
I don't think all these people saying 
                              "MY IQ IS 175 BUT IDK" are telling the truth. 121 is extremely good, and even though it's not genius level, (130+) it's still good. Personally, I will not lie and say my iq is about 135. I took an adult test though, so the range could be inaccurate.
notaboobjob notaboobjob Dec 27, 2016
How the hell does everyone know there IQ where do figure that out
WordsOfTheWitch WordsOfTheWitch Nov 05, 2016
Everyone that commented has really high IQs! Mine is only 145 from when I was tested my a psychiatrist.
                              Although Im prone to be quite gullible, I know mine is average. :(
Cupcakemaster31 Cupcakemaster31 Aug 03, 2016
Sometimes I forget how to even speak and she knows 17 languages 😬
lmaojishwa lmaojishwa Jan 06
I can barely speak Irish or French idk how she can do 17 languages