The Jock and The Nerd

The Jock and The Nerd

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It was the same everyday. He would come and beat me up. Just because I'm smaller than him and different. Just because I don't have anything he has. Just because I let him and don't do anything about it. Just because I'm too scared.

Hi. My name is Ethan Johnson. I'm gay and proud. I'm seventeen and go to Blue Water High. I make good grades because I want to go to Harvard University. So you can called me a nerd but when it comes to my grades my both my dads says on my ass about them so I of don't have a choice. 

Ethan gets bullied everyday by the schools jock and hot shot Jason Beckham. But one fateful day. Ethan finds Jason's phone. And curiosity floods through Ethan's head so he goes through it and what his find will shock him out of this world.

What will happen if Jason finds out that Ethan went through his phone and saw his big secret. Will this change everything between the jock and the nerd.

Like Jensen Ackles? Ba DUM TSS 😎 
                              love the story❤❤❤
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Okay, so I'm not joking and I swear I'm not copying you, but I was planning on making my character's name Ethan Grey Harrison so when I read the summary I was like "omg what a coincidence" and it freaked me out.
Why has no one commented on the fact he called him baby doll
janicej2016 janicej2016 Sep 02
Oh My Fosh! I won't be able to believe the look on his face when he looks at Ethan>*grinning like a madman*
Must be a real cutie if someone's going  to jack off to you like that. You should be scared and flattered
Kate6shadow Kate6shadow Aug 01
Oooo... But seriously why didn't he put it as his home screen !!??  Why lock screen whhyy !!!!???