The Fighter and The Nobody

The Fighter and The Nobody

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"You know Hope you need help. Just let me help you," Hunt says looking into my eyes. I knew he was begging but I couldn't let him help.

"No one can help me. Goodbye Hunter," I say then walk away from him.


I am a nobody. Everyone knows me as Hope Mercer, but my birth name in Hailey Mercer. My mother is dead, murdered years ago. My father is an addict now. He became one after my mother's death. After her death he also became abusive. He beats me every night for no reason saying it was all my fault.

My best and only friend, Sahara, helps make sure I do not get beat too bad. She helps as much as she can. She is like a sister. She also finds it ironic that everyone calls me Hope when I have none.

At school, I got stuck doing a project with him. He is the most feared gang leader/street fighter known in this city. His name is Hunter Morgan, but most know him as Hunt, his street name. He thinks he wants to help me. he thinks he can help me. No one can help me...not anymore.

Why do I have this crazy messed up life? Everything used to be so perfect...

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NerdyAssComicQueen NerdyAssComicQueen May 21, 2017
Yeah cause that's just something totally casual, ey?? 😑😑😑🔫
makingrain makingrain Aug 13, 2017
roses are red
                              pickles are pickly 
                              woah there hunter
                              that escalated quickly
MidnightWolfCHB MidnightWolfCHB Nov 02, 2017
You know. There's also something that you don't know. NOT TAKING THE HINT
KitDreamer12345 KitDreamer12345 Jun 07, 2016
*Smacks back of his  head*STUPID YOU CAN JUST SAY THAT LIKE IT'S NOTHING. *death glares*You don't scare me .
Cactuseseses Cactuseseses Apr 18, 2016
Classy...way to a girls heart "your mom was murdered right?"
1bluewolf1 1bluewolf1 Dec 26, 2016
Just a tip, I would use the word flinched instead of cringed. It makes more sense.