My Immortal

My Immortal

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Tara Gilesbie By XXXbloodyrists666XXX Completed

My Immortal is the magnum opus of Tara Gilesbie. It is a Harry Potter fanfiction that was originally posted to between 2006 and 2007. It ran for 44 chapters (plus one that was posted when someone hacked Tara's account) before Tara inexplicably stopped updating. Fans of the series have written My Immortal: The Sequel, mocking the original's stories plot.

My Immortal's "story" covers the seventh year of Ebony "Enoby" Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way at Hogwarts School in England, as well as the lives of her Goth friends, especially Draco Malfoy and Vampire Potter. There is something of a love triangle between Enoby, Draco, and Vampire, because Draco and Vampire are both bisexual and apparently sex addicts. Others become temporarily involved in the saga of love and sex. In addition, Vlodemort wants Enoby to shoot Vampire. Why he didn't just have her curse Vampire, or do so himself, remains unknown.

There a number of characters mentioned in My Immortal, but only a handful have any real significance. More specifically, only Enoby and the characters who obsess over her/follow her around are important. Most of these characters are also vampires. Many of these characters have confessed their love to Ebony, been called pedos or posers or what have you, and some characters have also committed suicide just to return the next chapter. Or otherwise survived the killing curse, hilariously referred to as "Abra Kedabra" and more botched up names. Let's also not forget how Ebony and Vlodemort seem to be perfectly fine after having "Imperius" (Imperio) and "Crookshanks" (Crucio) cast on each other.

I like this story so much, it got me and my ex gf bff Momo-chaan into making fanfiks! Tara and Raven u gurlz rok! mcr rox! I luuv u guyz!
Oh, yes darling, it's fabulous! Here, for all of your hard work, I'll get you a glass of blea- water! Yes, yes, water!
-krxsty -krxsty Jan 02
I was resurrected back to life to read this again, after I died from reading it.
-Mouse- -Mouse- Jan 12
@Gayness-Overload READ THISSSS, I bet you won't be able to finish it
HardcoreHarpvor HardcoreHarpvor Dec 27, 2016
Enter...the most notorious Mary Sue.  However, compared to the rest of this story,  I can at least understand what the hell the author's writing about
okokok two things:
                              in fan fiction, you're supposed to write IN CHARACTER xD
                              also, Draco doesn't seem like the kind of guy to "shyly" reply lmfao