The Demigod Selection

The Demigod Selection

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~First Book of "The Demigod Selection" series and winner of PJO Watty Awards 2016~

35 girls. One story. 

Prince Perseus Jackson has reached the time of his Selection. 35 girls were randomly Selected, making them a new part in the Prince's life. 

Annabeth Chase only came because of her two closest friends and family: Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan. However, the Prince takes a special interest in her and she finds herself trapped in a whirlwind of romance, betrayal, and an insane girl. 

Rachel Dare has never been very good at making friends. All her life, she's just been part of the Dare family. But when the Prince seems to like her, does she really like him, or the idea of love?

Piper McLean is hesitant to take part in the Selection. Her nemesis and step-sister is going as well. But once she gets to the palace, she can't help but notice the handsome palace guard, Jason Grace. 

Hazel Levesque is the youngest girl there. At first, she exists in just the background. But one day, the Prince asks her out on a date. Can this be her chance to show the world who she really is? 

Reyna Ramírez-Arellano has always been strong. Letting down all of her walls just for disappointment doesn't seem worth it. Then, she gets feels a new feeling, one that she doesn't want to recognize. 

Thalia Grace accepts her position in the Selection because of her best friend, Luke Castellan. But how can she expected to act in love with the Prince when she's always loved Luke?

35 girls are sent to the palace, filled with hope and dreams. Once there, however, it proves that it isn't all that it seems. Dates, kidnapping, surprise arrivals, and betrayal is all that meets them. Yet, they're still all determined to win the Prince's heart and his crown. 

Can love save one of them?

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The_Names_Megan The_Names_Megan Apr 15, 2017
I will probably finish this in one sitting like all the other books
thatdamtaco thatdamtaco Nov 16, 2017
my heart's already being broken and it's a playlist of songs...
MrsNValdez MrsNValdez Jan 21
Question, how similar will this be to,the first draft (I think) of it?
Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Sep 10, 2017
To love is to destroy, and to be love is to be the one destroyed
jdlfbdk jdlfbdk May 20, 2017
I love the fact that you included Zoe. I always kind of saw some kind of small crush forming there.
mnguyen21 mnguyen21 May 02, 2017
This just like selection when it didn't end it yet and I love the selection series