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Adopted By Malum

Adopted By Malum

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ally By Allena5SOS Completed

"So.. I was adopted by a guitarist and a bassist in a band?"

"Pretty much."


mikey, everyone thinks you suck. that's why malum is shipped so hard.
my friend and i said we would learn a not very common language so we could talk shît about people when they're right there
-cliffodick -cliffodick Jan 31
Theyre gay. Don't believe a word they say. Unless it's "yes I'm gay."
Except I fangirl over bands and ships and of course, GAMES and YouTube :P
don't you mean that stupid fûckung band that thinks they're punk rock, called like 10 hours of winter or some stupid like that
*teardrop* that was my favorite song when i was like 12 and now look where we are