The Abandoned Muted Mate

The Abandoned Muted Mate

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Jennifer By _Princess_Jenny_ Updated Mar 17, 2016

Meet Kimberly a shy, nerdy, clever but broken girl. She was abandoned as a child left to fend for herself in an unwelcome home. Abused and bullied  by her pack members for her non-ability to shift, she also became muted. Kimberly never thought too much of her life until one day she decided she wanted answers. As she had so many questions yet they all remain un-answered. She left the pack never looking to turn back.

Mates. A mate is your other half ,someone who understood you, someone who will love you unconditionally. Joshua has always believed in mates. So when Joshua was told he would never have a mate from a young age, he was heartbroken but continued to believe. So when he was handed down The Alpha Roll at the age of 17 he was still mate-less, and it changed him to become a  cold hearted man.

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Im_Ya_Bae123 Im_Ya_Bae123 Jan 31, 2016
It's really good so far! You have very good grammar, so it's easy to read, and you don't spend 3 chapters on the exact same day. I really do love it! BAI!
_iqxahx _iqxahx Mar 06, 2016
Yas. First author to have non-white people as their characters. SLAYY♥
Ev-bot Ev-bot Oct 02, 2016
😔😔😔 I'm gonna go sit in the corner now and be silently jealous
Sarahcj03 Sarahcj03 Jan 25, 2016
That's a double negative. Do you mean not talking to anyone? Sorry if this seems annoying. Not trying to be. Just curious.
royalsavenue royalsavenue Dec 31, 2015
Oh and also I am working on a book right now ....please would mean alot
royalsavenue royalsavenue Dec 31, 2015
I my self is 13 years old I love alpha mate books and I would like to know if you could help me with some ideas its up to you...I would totally understand if you don't have time or simply is to busy what do you say I friendly😊