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My Son's Teacher

My Son's Teacher

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Lolo's wife By writinggforrfunn Completed


"Jake c'mon! Your mother will kill me if we'll be late." I shouted to my 6 years old son 

My name is Emily Fields. I'm a famous swimmer and model. My wife is Katherine Pierce. She's an actress. We're pretty rich. We're living here in Rosewood. It's a little town but at least nobody recognizes us. I'm 28 my wife is 29. We're married 5 years. I was dating Kathy since high school. My best friend is Hanna Marin. She's a fashion designer. Katherine has a brother, his name is Stefan. I have a younger sister, Aria. Our son's name is Jake. He's the cutest little human on the earth! I love him with all my heart! Maybe even more than Katherine...

"Mama where's mommy?" Jake ran downstairs only in his boxers

"Hun I told you to get ready! Mommy is on a photoshoot. She'll meet us at the school." I picked him up

"Knock knock! Is my favorite boyfriend ready for his first day?" Hanna and Spencer arrived

Spencer Hastings is my manager. But she's like my sister.

"Yup! I'm so ready!" Jake sh...

BrieSpontaneous_xD BrieSpontaneous_xD Nov 25, 2016
gay4shaym gay4shaym Aug 21, 2016
Let's be real here, she's gay for Emily just as much as we all are
writinggforrfunn writinggforrfunn Sep 20, 2015
@FandomMusical my teacher was wearing leather pants when I first saw her XD
WingeLs WingeLs Sep 01, 2015
can you think like that when you are married? hahhs. love it.
WilsonParraGomez WilsonParraGomez Aug 24, 2015
why Katherine why my baby your making choose between Katherine and emison omfg I hate u why
JesyPezDinahLolo JesyPezDinahLolo Jun 30, 2015
whoa... that's not all she wants. 
                              I don't blame her. have you SEEN Emily?