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Fit for royalty: Only the Beggining

Fit for royalty: Only the Beggining

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August is bae By kreed91 Updated Sep 26, 2015

royalty P.O.V

Royalty the name i hated but loved because the fear and respect behind it.

my real name was kameron a girl name i know last name brightly hardly nobody knew my name tho

i fixed my leather jacket as i walked through one of my clothing stores i owned, only business besides of course i was into the drug business.

i am 23 and living life lavish females ready to suck and swallow and beg me to fuck them i do get around but my bitches respect me 

Royalty is a street name ive gotten i can say im very well respected 

"hey royalty" all these young ass girls yell i nod my head i dont fuck with young pussy aint tryna catch a case walking back to my ride i look my self over in the mirror noticing my hazel eyes that all the girls goggled over i loved the attention. 

i cruise around in my black on black lambo speeding through not caring if the police was coming or not i had all types of connections trust.

i make it to my side of town entering the large gates of my 5 bedroom hous...

SavageYAYA SavageYAYA Jun 24, 2016
I'm 5"4 and I'm 11 damn u lucky I true ly HOPE I stay this size also second time reading this book
aarbear23 aarbear23 May 19, 2016
Rude if I don't want to go with u then I don't have to like tf
hoesmad5 hoesmad5 Jan 25, 2016
ι can'т ѕтand тнιѕ nιgga already lιĸe.  ι ғeel lιĸe нe goιng тo end υp ĸιllιng нer y ιѕ тнeιr even тнree вooĸѕ oғ тнιѕ nιgga.
hoesmad5 hoesmad5 Jan 25, 2016
нoeѕ goт мe ғυcĸed υp cυz a nιgga aιn'т doιng ѕнιт
swaggedout0608 swaggedout0608 Nov 17, 2015
y isnt carson d boy and royalty the girl cuz dis is confusing