Gravity » Bellamy Blake [Discontinued]

Gravity » Bellamy Blake [Discontinued]

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Mol By _toxicity Updated Jul 23, 2017

"I'll be your gravity, you be my oxygen." 


A few weeks before Billie Raylee's eighteenth birthday, she finds herself on a one way ticket down to Earth, a planet supposedly destroyed by toxic radiation. With her are 99 other criminals, along with her best friend Clarke Griffin. 

But Earth was not what she expected. 

Everything she's ever learned, all of her morals, they have to change in order for her to survive. Friendships are made, broken, changed. Everything is put to the test. 

Nothing is as it seems. 

[Seasons 1-2]


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crackpotoldfool crackpotoldfool Mar 30, 2017
Moun Weather is full of fake promises, hypocrites, and murderers.
crackpotoldfool crackpotoldfool Mar 30, 2017
Nah fam you're all gonna die from rad poisoning. Except you, you're not. Fun times.
eolydreaming eolydreaming Jul 13, 2017
No,exactly.Not yet.Just something called Praimfaya who gonna fuked up everyting :)
when you think about all of this. it's actually whoever did the math to drop them there. every thing in the 100 could have been avoided, and almost everyone would be alive. but then it wouldn't be the 100 so🤷🏾‍♀️
- - Jun 03, 2017
I know I feel like I always get attracted towards series which emotionally wants to break and crush me down for example the 100 and supernatural.
- - Mar 26, 2017
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