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It was you (Completed)

It was you (Completed)

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PerfectlyPoppy By PerfectlyPoppy Completed

Sang left 6 years ago after finding out that all the boys were in love with her. They had told her she had to "love them all or lose them all." The problem? She was only in love with one of them. Deciding it was better to leave than destroy their family, she joined the Academy as a Ghost Bird. What happens when, during a mission, she runs into the one she loved all along?

This is not a reverse harem story. All the boys are in it, but Sang only ends up with one. Hopefully you'll give it a shot anyway!

This story is rated mature and the mission mentioned above relates to human trafficking. There will be somewhat darker content inside, reader discretion is advised.

thenerdyintrovert4 thenerdyintrovert4 Aug 20, 2015
woah woah woah goin all Dark Sisters/Infernal Devices on us!!!
thenerdyintrovert4 thenerdyintrovert4 Aug 20, 2015
don't worry, everyone starts some place:) looking forward to reading all of this x)
Jordiscy Jordiscy May 27, 2015
Have you been introduced to the Official Cliffhanger Rule? It states that if the chapter is concluded with a cliffy, the writer has 24 hours from posting to update and resolve said cliffhanger. 
                              Since this is the first chapter to this story, I say we be kind and leave 48 on the table.