DORM 206 {Book One} - Slowly Editing

DORM 206 {Book One} - Slowly Editing

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Cover by @playboystiles

Words have been spread about dorm 206 at NYU. The cursed dorm they called it. Girls have been in that room. No girl could ever survive for a day in there. At around midnight, screams are heard all around the campus. 

At exactly midnight, the door of that dorm is locked and no one can enter. Even when the dorm is empty. Screams are heard. They say that the ghosts of these teenage girls are trapped in that room and a guy.

The killer, Harry Stevens.

"No please don't kill me!" She screamed.

"No...No...No!" she yelled again.

These sounds are heard everyday. No girl could be rescued. 

Moments after the girl yells the room is soaked with blood. It floods to the whole hallway reaching other dorms.

Will this ever change? people asked.
They never expected it would.

Until this day came,

Until this person came,
Carter Sheldon.

I thought that when I read her name 😅 well sorry to remind you
This is going to be a great book, just by reading about it,I knew it was gonna be hella worth reading
LongLiveTheUnicorns LongLiveTheUnicorns Dec 01, 2016
Hormonal teenager. Don't ya know that food is not to be wasted? God.😐 Sometimes I question the sanity of book characters... 😂
MahimaDahiya MahimaDahiya Jul 23, 2016
i can feel it its gonna be one of a bumpy scary ride through d story.
Everyone has commented 'Aww' and I don't want to ruin it
                               There you go, 'Awwwww.'
gabbyrodgers33 gabbyrodgers33 Jun 14, 2016
...soon as I read that it camed on my shuffle list..😂😂