Hatred For Howell

Hatred For Howell

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TwentyØneHorizons By Awkward_Individual Updated Oct 13, 2016

Dan Howell.

A name that could make any girls heart swoon. Well, all but one.

Charlotte Lester is that one.

Growing up, Charlotte has seen nothing but the meaner side of Dan; the nasty and cruel one. 

She hated him. Despised him.

Until one drunken night when all emotions and secrets spill and her perspective twists.

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ablackmoonnotchild ablackmoonnotchild Nov 24, 2016
*gets high off of sharpies and gets drunk off of chocolate syrup* who said they hate Dan? Who's Dan?
CharlieWantsToBattle CharlieWantsToBattle Dec 22, 2016
I am actually legit freaking out right now because my name is Charlotte and I have blonde hair. Please send help. I died
Tigerhill1 Tigerhill1 Dec 06, 2016
This is actually me. Like I'm rrEEALY sensitive and I hate myself for it. My family hates it too. So :/
Lonely_Reader122 Lonely_Reader122 Dec 17, 2016
There's fine then there's fantastic. If you hear a girl say she's fantastic, you either need to run like hell or pay as much attention to her as much as you breath.
existentialfuckyou existentialfuckyou Nov 20, 2016
honey, ur personalities aren't gonna clash in a few day once you FÜCK
mysticfreak mysticfreak Dec 02, 2016
                              P!ATD ANYBODY?