A Butler To Love (Christian Romance)

A Butler To Love (Christian Romance)

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ArielMasters By ArielMasters Updated Dec 02

An ex street fighter, Wren Adams lives his life day to day trying to rid himself of an extreme debt. When a door opens, it seems the Lord is giving him just that opportunity through none other than a beautiful, but young, heiress.

Leah Kingsley is the spoiled daughter of Tony Kingsley and heir to the Kingsley Mansion.  Having always been watched and controlled by the nannies and butlers chosen by her father, she wants nothing more than freedom from her prestigious cage.  When Wren is hired as her newest butler, she is less than excited and determines to see him gone. The only problem is, her new protector is just as equally determined to stay. 

Will Wren learn to care for this young beauty? Will Leah learn that the freedom she craves may come from where she never expected? Can they both survive a past that threatens to destroy everything?

Join Wren and Leah as they learn the importance of God, friendship, and love in this sweet, yet at times suspenseful, Christian love story.

*This story is unedited and my first chapters I plan on redoing soon as I am not satisfied with my writing skill. So do bear with the issues:)

MaryFahey MaryFahey Jul 25
I love secret bodyguard stories. I 'm wondering how Wren owes Mr Kingsley so much money and also why Leah  needs a butler.
ksundberg1 ksundberg1 Sep 01
This really catches my interest. I like the emphasis surrounding the idea of trust. Such a lost value in our society, yet when truly earned, so special! Because it comes from really serving Jesus.
GetYourGoat GetYourGoat Aug 25
I'm with Wren there, not so sure he's trustable -- yes, he paid off his debts before, but how did he come to owe that much money? Definitely an interesting pull and looking forward to what happens next!
Ooh, famous last words. And ones I can already tell he'll regret saying. Nice setup of the conflict. I look forward to reading more and meeting the young lady in question. 😀
I haven't read it yet, but hope to SOON! It sounds amazing! I hope you are able to publish it!! ❤️😊
AMAZING!!! XD I can't believe it took so long for me to get to this LOL XD I loved this chapter so much!