You Should Come With a Warning.

You Should Come With a Warning.

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#4 in Stydia. 

Lydia's a freshman in college and with a possessive boyfriend over three thousand miles away, she's hardly getting through the first semester.  But then she meets Stiles Stilinski with his bad boy smirk and smartass attitude.  

She loves to hate him and he loves to rile her.

An enemies to friends, friends to something and something to a whole lot more.

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ok so it hasn't been all that long since i've read this but tonight's the last episode of teen wolf EVER and i need a lil stydia in my life before they leave me forever
Saturn0-0 Saturn0-0 Oct 21
Ok sure honey talking to a shirtless guy takes up most of your time
"honey, there's a stiles here to see you"
                              "What the a Stiles?"
                              Me: your future fuckbuddy
Saturn0-0 Saturn0-0 Oct 21
If she cheats on Jackson he's going to go across the country and beat stiles up