Blood Whore {Larry Mpreg}

Blood Whore {Larry Mpreg}

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The Twinklinson Stories By LouisTwinklinson Completed

Louis Tomlinson is a human whore to Vampires. 

He was also an illegal Blood Whore, someone who is addicted to vampire bites and being drank from. 

Louis loves getting sucked and fucked by vampires, it leaves him itchy when he goes more than 2 days without a fix, a bite. He's a cute twink too, well fed and kept plump and healthy for his blood type is 1 in a million...literally. 

Harry Styles is a lonely Vampire looking for a human companion though he's sometimes looked down upon for it. His best friends Zayn and Liam push him towards Louis hoping love will bud. 

Does it? Will Louis turn into Harry's blood whore and nothing more?

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liamxangel liamxangel Sep 02, 2017
harry should be careful then bc louis likes to some weed everyday
Can y'all not read, it clearly says 'Bottom Louis' and it's common sense. Your fault for clicking on the book, so stfu and stop complaining jfc
JasmineQueen4 JasmineQueen4 Mar 01, 2016
Am I the only one who don't know what mpreg means pleas someone tell my
AnieyannaN AnieyannaN Dec 03, 2015
This is my first Larry fic with chapters  so I'm excited for that guess I've been missing out
LotteMejer LotteMejer Nov 06, 2015
When you're on the bus and afraid you might not get off the right place because submissive Louis
daddyslittlelou daddyslittlelou Oct 28, 2015
I love random sex. Yay! Not me having the sex but louis having ... you know what i mean