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The Alpha's little mate

The Alpha's little mate

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Biankaann By Biankaann Updated Dec 18, 2015

Sky Summers is the daughter of Damon and Dana Summers, Alpha and Lunar of the Blue Moon Pack.She is a smarty, sporty girl that goes to White Waters High with her three brothers. One day the Blood moon pack come to visit. Will Sky finally find her mate amongst the members of the Blood Moon pack or will she still be all alone and mateless?
...The bell rang, I jumped up from my seat and rushed out the door running down the hallway toward my next class. I turned the corner and my legs felt like jelly. I was leaning up against the wall trying to gather my thoughts and calm myself down.
The smell of aftershave mixed with a woodsy orange began to fill up my nostrils, the scent was intoxicating and made my body completely paralysed. My eyes were still closed when I felt hot breath run down the side of my neck causing my wolf to go crazy and the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. I then felt the soft touch of kisses being placed from my earlobe all the way down to my shoulder. And then back up. I let out a little growl as the kisses that were placed on my neck hit my sweet spot, the kiss continued back up to my ear causing me to let out a soft moan and that's when I heard a deep growl which made my legs want to collapse from underneath me. A large hand was placed onto my hip pulling me straight into a muscular chest, my eyes were still closed shut. I felt the breath against my ear and that's when I heard a rough voice "Mine!" The voice was loud and clear and made my thoughts trail off into a place where they shouldn't  be......

*annoying clearing of the throat* Question: WHO THE HELL WEARS HEELS WHILE RIDING A MOTORCYCLE ?
Even though I'm very experienced in walking and running in heels um I would never and I mean NEVER wear them to school and my eyes are green- hazel- with specks of dark blue
FGCU23 FGCU23 Jun 05
                              -sits in the corner in an L Lawliet position stroking a pet pig named 'dirty mind'-
Mommaearth Mommaearth Dec 02, 2016
The sky could be falling down and id still be the hungriest person alive
aliceoncrack aliceoncrack Jun 02, 2016
Yassss !!! Finally a story where the girl preferred motorcycle than cars !!! Yamaha yzf R1 all the way~~~~
Literally have the most boring pair of blue eyes in existence