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Deadwood Academy

Deadwood Academy

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YoungMum04 By YoungMum04 Updated Mar 16, 2014

On my sixteenth birthday mum and dad dropped a huge bombshell they told me I was being sent to deadwood academy. I'm a straight A student, I'm never in trouble, I babysit when asked, I work part time after school at a bookstore and now they want to pack me up and send me off to a boarding school six hours away.   What have i done wrong to deserve this? don't they love me anymore? I honestly cant understand why they are doing this to me. I'm leaving all my friends and family behind and no matter how hard I protest my parents just say they don't want to speak about the matter.  What kind of school uses the name deadwood anyway? Oh that's my new school in the middle of bloody nowhere.   "It's ok violet calm down" I told myself as I walked out the door with my bags towards mum and dad waiting in the car.

Readylindy Readylindy May 02
Why would they?  Are you a bad child? Do you lie, steal,  cheat, take drugs? I Mean she's a child but old enough to know her parents. I guess it'd be interesting to see where this goes
Music_Luvr_ Music_Luvr_ May 04, 2016
WORST?!?!? DUDE THAT WOULD BE MY DREAM!!!! (Except I have a iPhone 6s)
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Apr 23, 2016
I'm a little offended cause people are like; rich much? Spoiled much? 
                              They obviously got it for her because she was moving far away. I have the Samsung Galaxy 6 edge because it's for communication and stuff
ironmannie ironmannie Jan 13
The description said she was a straight-A student, and it made it seem as if she was good, so far she just seems like a brat.
daisxki daisxki May 21, 2016
she's crying about getting a full scholarship to a prestigious school for the best of the best bruh..
                              but anyway nicely written :DD
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Dec 24, 2016
OOO!!!! XD a boarding school.  How can u not want to go? I've always wanted to. Man the possibilities of being away from home *sighs dreamily* there r some down sides though.... but eh. Whatevs. FREEDOMMM!!!! XD