Frost and Flame (Jack Frost) [COMPLETED]

Frost and Flame (Jack Frost) [COMPLETED]

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Svet By heyitssvet Completed

You died because you saved your little brother against the fire. And you reincarnated as a guardian.

You, even the other guardians, didn't know your center. After you met the guardians, one of them made your heart beat fast... 

and that...

is no other than...


Nah. it's Jack Frost!

September, 17, 2015- October, 14, 2015


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Everyone's like, "Percy Jackson!?!" And I'm all like, "Percy Weasley? Wtf is he doing here???" 😂
Areonniell Areonniell Jun 13
This is great... I go from a Peaky Blinders Fan fiction (violence, adult scenes, death) to. a Jack Frost Fan fiction,... Im just here  questioning  my morals 😂
I read really detailed and well made horror stories and then regret it later.
Umm sorry he's not my little brother cause ya know I'm kinda going to marry Percy Jackson😂❤️😍
Alley Cat. :3 also, PERCY FREAKIN' JACKSON! GET OUT OF THERE! THIS IS A STORY FOR JACK FROST! *kicks Percy Jackson out the door.*
LollyLin LollyLin Aug 04
Why is Percy Jackson stuck in a fire that I, a normal human must die for you? Why?!?