Frost and Flame (Jack Frost) [COMPLETED]

Frost and Flame (Jack Frost) [COMPLETED]

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Svet By heyitssvet Completed

You died because you saved your little brother against the fire. And you reincarnated as a guardian.

You, even the other guardians, didn't know your center. After you met the guardians, one of them made your heart beat fast... 

and that...

is no other than...


Nah. it's Jack Frost!

September, 17, 2015- October, 14, 2015


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Amber_Grayson Amber_Grayson Jun 16, 2017
Wtf? Did I accidentally leave it there after my extremely dangerous lumberjack tree chopping? Gosh darn...
HOLY TARTRUS! PERCY JACKSON IS MY YOUNGER BROTHER! wait. Hold up. If don't have water powers so help me....😐
My nick name is rain......BUT MY ELEMENT IS FIRE
the_chloe the_chloe Jan 04
I DON'T WIKE IT (sorry i needed to say that even if i love it)
HPfanallytheway HPfanallytheway Jun 05, 2017
Tragical. Sounds like a play on words between magical and tragic 😋
Fanfictional_reader Fanfictional_reader Jul 21, 2017
Wow talk bout a kid who can't pronounce property but either way a kid his age normally believe everything they tell them