The little angel (KNB fanfic)

The little angel (KNB fanfic)

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Lord? By CallMeHoseok Updated Dec 02, 2017

Rin Kasumi is a very athletic and rather petite 13 year old, she is pure Japanese but due to academics her and her cousin moved to England along with Rin's parents.

She is well advanced for her age, playing professional basketball ate the age of 7 and skipping a whole year at 10. When she goes back to Japan it's no surprise that she'll come back with a bang. Now she's in her 2nd year at Teiko along with her childhood friends, Aomine Daiki and Momoi Satsuki.

WIth her amazing basketball skills, it's no doubt that after trying out she'll certainly be accepted in the team, now she is a part of the famous 'Kiseki no Sedai', Teiko's unbeatable basketball team. 

Some accidents happen in her third year that force her to make difficult and important decisions and maybe even have a change in character and personality. She ends up going to Seirin along with Kuroko to try and bring back their old teammates.

Will she help Seirin win? Will she be able bring back her friends? Will she stand victorious or fall defeated? What actions will she take when someone important comes back into her life after mentally and emotionally scarring her? What will she do when things get complicated between her and two of her friends?

Hello! This is my first book and I would really appreciate it if you took your time to read it ^.^ Please, don't copy my work, I put a lot of effort into this story and I don't want all that to go to waste. 

KNB does NOT belong to me, it belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki-sensei! I only own Rin, Hanabusa, their families, Derek, Ryder, Blake, Haru and any other ORIGINAL characters I may add! I WILL include characters from other anime but their respective animes have NOTHING to do with this, they ALL belong to their owners! 

Enjoy, Ja ne~~

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heynattie heynattie Nov 09, 2017
I suggest making POVs be bolded, so it won't be mixed with the story text. Overall, it's a great chapter. :)
_sydneytran _sydneytran Oct 26, 2015
Hahaha, I got confused for a second. I actually though we were reading in Rin's POV as in from Ao no Exorcist / The Blue Exorcist.