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One Girl All Boys School

One Girl All Boys School

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maaryxwin By maaryxwin Updated Mar 28

I'm Sam Matthews, 16-years-old as of now. 

Well my shitty story is that I am a girl, not a guy. In this fucked up world every human soul mistakes my name as "boy-like." Which REALLY doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's just me, though... I'm not girly, I hate acting and behaving like one, or dressing like one. 

I am apart of the Matthews family, one of the richest and successful families out there (not really.) 

I am the youngest of this trash of a family, or known as the disappointment or the mistake. I have two older, prettier (I guess), and much more successful sisters. They make me look bad in front of almost everyone. I don't ever get spoiled, just because I'm rich doesn't mean I get treated right from anyone in this household. 

Yeah I got no talents or skills and hardly any smarts, but hey I'm still me. Does that count? 

My parents are the worst, they wanted a boy so they went for a "boy-like" name. They treat me like shit, they looked past me, beat me, and never bothered to get to know me. They basically made me into the person I am today. 

A cold-hearted bitch, with surprises up her sleeve. 

I got a cool-ass butler, the only person I saw as family. He's the best. 

The past years were the worst, what happened to me is something I can't forget. Not until I do something about it... 

But the fun doesn't end there! I'm going to a new school. Due to recent circumstances, this all boys school just accepted me! Haha, PERFECT. They literally thought I was a guy, so they accepted me. Then my dumbass parents were like, "Oh yeah Sam's a girl." 

This is the last school that accepted me, they offered a HUGE paycheck to let me in (the only somewhat nice thing they did for me for the first time.) They even bought out the name... 

Another HELL I was SO looking forward to. 

• • •

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Totally, I mean, girls can wear baggy clothes like guys, and guys can put their hair in ponytails. It doesn't affect anyone, and I support it.
Awe, this is me. My parents expect the most from me because I'm the first child, a.k.a, the "trend setter." If I fail, my parents will say, "Oh, now your siblings will follow you and become a failure."
I actually like the name Sam for a girl, I have since... I don't remember, a long time ago
That sucks if your rich you are most likely to get spoiled but on the other hand parents are like no we need the money for or no I need to save that money up
By surprises, you mean sarcastic comebacks, then yesh, yes that's meh.
SAME. My name is Ryan but I'm a girl and I'm literally mistaken as a guy all the time