Daryl's Daughter

Daryl's Daughter

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Jenny Sadler By awesomesaurus Updated Jun 30

It used to be just Merle and Daryl until 6 years ago.  After a drunk one night stand leads to Daryl having a pregnant women on his hands and eventually a baby girl named Megan. 

Now 5 years on and the apocalypse starting how will Merle and Daryl cope looking after a little girl whilst avoiding walkers but also other survivors.

Will start at meeting the group in Season 1
Now at Season 4

wolffang2013 wolffang2013 Feb 23, 2016
Ok I'd just like to say that just like the mom has to stay on the hospital for a couple of days so does the baby. But hey this is a fanfiction so anything can go.
I'm glad this bitch is giving up the baby she's fricking rude
Your loss honey, Ima teach my lil ass kicker to but a bow up your åss and we'll see who's da trash now
Jackunspoke Jackunspoke Feb 06, 2016
"Red neck trash" says the women.
                              Hm... well this 'red neck trash' is surviving the apocalypse and saving his daughter while you beg for mercy.
Madi1234_15 Madi1234_15 Feb 16, 2016
But Merle said he was meeting his niece so they did know the gender
Gracieluv139 Gracieluv139 Feb 23, 2016
My mothers name is Megan....this isn't going to be weird at all.