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URban -- NEsss By Urban-Goddess Completed

Urban Fiction 

This book has a sequel (If you want pictures of the characters check out the sequel or part two of this book)

16 year old Stella and 17 year old Bella are soon to become San Diego's drama queens. 

Life becomes a struggle when drama possesses them and they can't control their lives anymore.

Bella suffers from a lost of a true love and the lost of a former lover. Struggling to raise her little boy she goes under especially after finding out that she has another one on the way. 

Stella has feelings for Eagle High's finest Robin Griffin the star quarterback on the football team which angers his girlfriend, Queen B Jayla Hartford. Stella's ex boyfriend a powerful gang lord comes back into her life only to cause chaos. 

Will the drama ever end? Or are these two forever destined for a drama filled life?

Go read the sequel once you're done ;) 

(If you want pictures of the characters check out the sequel or part two of this book)

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She can't just say she's Indian and Dominican? All this extra math.
NykiaBailey NykiaBailey Sep 07
She did right when she hut that girl back ,but she shouldn't have jumped in it he should have jus let them fight
JocelynDell JocelynDell Sep 05
Im confused being black is the most beautiful thing in the world. Y does one be mixed to fit the beauty roll.
erleen123 erleen123 Jun 14
Lml I hate when bitches do that "I'm 1% Canadian 2% Jamaican 3% columbian ...."
erleen123 erleen123 Jun 14
Lmao she bouta be like her friend bri and claim this nigga love her and give him some on the side
Remind me of my old high school. This school is off them thug movies. Ghetto high school happy they torn that school down.