The one with the tattoos || l.s

The one with the tattoos || l.s

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Basically Harry hates Louis, because Louis is gay. But fate brings them together and Harry is not sure what he feels about the other boy. Jealousy, anger, hate and even love. Harry has a confusing time ahead of him. And the fact that his best friend is also into Louis doesn't make it better.

Just read it, I'm not so good at descriptions !

{credits for the cover: @typiicalluke}

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5_sec_of_1D 5_sec_of_1D Feb 03
in math class
                              TEACHER: so um, if you have 10 apples and I take away 3, how many will u hv left?
                              ME: what does this have to do with one direction?
                              TEACHER: er imagine you're your idol.
                              ME: Niall will never share food directionator duh
When this line has 28 letters and you realize that you are a crazy Larrie💔😭
Me right now. I'm in class, in the back, reading this, not paying attention 😂
oliviastylinsonxx oliviastylinsonxx Nov 29, 2017
I screamed “run forest run” to my friend and she didn’t understand:( I’ve never been so disappointed
bren_mg4 bren_mg4 Mar 15
alguien mas empezó a leer fanfics en inglés para aprender inglés? :v nadie? Ok :'v
Its like you could breath and your blood is red and yeah normal things actually