Twenty Fifty-Six

Twenty Fifty-Six

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"I can't let fear get in the way.  I know that I am a strong person, and I will do this."

It is the year 2056, and Canada is a different country.  Every odd year, the government requires each of the thirteen provinces and territories to send in a fourteen year old boy, and the next year, on the even year, a fifteen year old girl is required. What becomes of these teens, no one knows. But Amber Matlock is determined to find out. Even if it means becoming one of the teens owned by the government, and crushing her mother.  Amber will do anything to find out.

cover made by @hayleymonroe

I was literally about to type "Obviously not" but then I looked up and saw that I commented it...
Teehee Winnipeg omg its a real word what does it mean what is it
The Manitoba bowl reminded me of the drawing of names in the Hunger Games.
This already got me hooked. I could relate to Amber, who really wants to escape the rules set by her parents and make her own. If she gets drawn, I also want to know what's going to happen ;)
Are those the only reasons she wants to be a Govchild? They don't seem like very good reasons if that's the case...
Divergent and hunger games mixed, I've read neither but I'm sure that's what it is