The One I'm Not (a Twenty One Pilots fanfic)

The One I'm Not (a Twenty One Pilots fanfic)

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løcal dreamer By Burning_Shadows Updated Oct 29

Yøu're not aløne. 
Yøu are løved. 
Never give up. 
GI V EU P.  
Yøu're strønger than him. 

Tyler Jøseph was at war. He was always fighting his øwn insecurities, by whøm he named 
B L U R R Y F A C E.

He later meets Josh, a guy who understands him, and knows what it's like to feel rejected and worthless. 
He finds out that after all,
He's never really alone. 
No one is. 

Dedicated to you.

A/N: This does not just revolve around the subject of blurryface, it also includes an eventful storyline. Blurryface simply interferes and influences the story. 

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This is fiction. The people the characters are based on may be or act completely differently in real life. I've just merely altered their characteristics to cater my precise needs for the storyline.

WARNING: Some sensitive content/ topics. 

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Stay Alive. Not just today, but tomorrow too. |-/
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Tyler bean lock your car hun, you dont wanna loose youe radio
3rdsmolbean 3rdsmolbean Sep 15
                              WHY IS THIS SO GOOD
                              HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED
                              AND THEN THERE'S ME
                              SERIOUSLY I CAN FEEL IT
                              I AM GOING TO CRY MY EYES OUT
xoblessed xoblessed Jul 01
boi what kind of car do you own? how does someone take your radio
okay, I don't speak English very well... but it isn't that hard
xoblessed xoblessed Jul 01
At the disco. && Dude just use your phone && download music 🙄 its 2016
MsAnimal14 MsAnimal14 Jul 11
This might sound weird but i feel trapped too.. So i told my boyfrind (now my ex)  how i feel and i just could not take it anymore and i can't deal with a relationship right niw so.. I broke up with him.. So technically Blurryface made me break up with him..