Mated to my best friend

Mated to my best friend

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Amari By GeekChic34536 Updated Jul 30, 2017


     I smelt her as I walked into the pack house. It smelt like chocolate and strawberries. I followed it only to find the most beautiful girl in the world Chloe standing in the hands of a human. Kyle was furious he wanted to rip his head off. Her eyes widened as she realized it was me. Her mate. I let out a loud growl. He shrieked back and he looked scared and backed away from Chloe smart boy. She still looked at me shocked. I moved closer to her she didn't move.

I pulled her into my arms.

"Mate." We both whispered in unison.

Chloe and Chad were best friends in grade school. But then Chad left Chloe to be popular. During there junior year in their life class they are paired to do the baby project together. Chloe hated it at first. But when they find out they are mates does Chloe forgive him or not. Read to find out

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