Is There A Reason?

Is There A Reason?

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Jokers_Mask1827 By Jokers_Mask1827 Updated Jan 11

Raven is a small 16 year old boy who was kidnapped on his 16th birthday and sold to a group of scientists who said they 'liked the look in his eyes'

Where they took him is unknown, but what happened there will never be forgotten.

It's been a month since then but who he once was is gone. He's scared, afraid of winding up back there, scared of the things they did to him, and scared of himself.

Now his hair is white and his eyes red, how will he hide this? Especially on his first day of high-school
What happens when two guys get involved in his life trying to help, what happens then?

MrCalipton MrCalipton Feb 03, 2016
Harika Olmuş, biara benim kurguladıgim hikâyelere beklerim
QueenOfReferences QueenOfReferences 6 days ago
No high school has recess. None. It takes away from learning time (that's probably the excuse given). Sorry.
Katkakbis Katkakbis Jul 27, 2016
Yes yes smell my scent, I robbed a cinnamon store this morning
FoxyForever335 FoxyForever335 Sep 02, 2016
Wait his hair is white and his eyes are red did I miss something here? 😕😕😕
prince_teddi prince_teddi Dec 07, 2016
No one uses a normal bookbag? *hides 3 bookbags under bed* obviously
muri_otaku muri_otaku Aug 24, 2015
omg i love this please update !! love your other works too btw ;))