Forced Commitment

Forced Commitment

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Arabella married Lyle Armel in payment for her fathers debt. The only information she has of the man is his reputation.

She soon learns that this marriage wasn't going to be as simple as she thought, not when Lyle is powerfully overwhelming, dangerously enticing and temptingly sinful 

When the lines get blurred and the heat rises who knows what could happen?

#1 Chicklit

**Mature Content**

Copyright © 2015 Emma Cameron (Livetodreamx)

  • acceptance
  • adult
  • age
  • arabella
  • danger
  • enticing
  • family
  • gambling
  • heat
  • love
  • lyle
  • marriage
  • mature
  • power
  • reputation
  • romance
  • sinful
  • tempting
  • violence
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Armanuhu Armanuhu 6 days ago
Thanks awesome update... This is my first time reading your book but already I love this 📖 👍👍
But that means you gotta 'adhere to the duties of a' husband 🤷🏽‍♀️
MervMaxima MervMaxima Sep 27
So she selled herself.. or.. umm.. yeah.. desperate times. Kind of depressing to think about.
MrsFanning MrsFanning Nov 12
I want to understand but I'm a bit confused... They gave money to her alcoholic father and now she's married... But who tf is he??