Hello World! I Am Philippines! (Hetalia Philippines Fanfic)

Hello World! I Am Philippines! (Hetalia Philippines Fanfic)

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Escapist By Awesome_Day_Dreamer Completed

Philippines or officially known as, Republic of the Philippines. 

She's warm and friendly and is kind to guests, just be sure to be on her good side.

She loves mangoes very much and she's adventurous. Do not take her lightly, she'll punch you when really annoyed and provoked.

But do you know why she is like this and how she came to be?

And this...

Is Philippines' story! Hello world! Mabuhay!

Yay <3 someone made a Philippines oc <3 yay I love Philippines even tho its hot I might go back there next summer
kookieisshooked kookieisshooked 4 days ago
that feeling na ang taas ng buhok mo dahil pinag-aagawan ka *flips hair* haba ng hair!
You sound like america lol
                              Nah. I ship you two anyway.
                              I SHIP IT SO HARD
Reikas_Ass Reikas_Ass Aug 01
Under Spain's 'care'.... That sound TOTALLY right... My teacher just told us about that 2 weeks ago, Spain ruled over Philippines
Yeah , I'm waiting for Philippines to appear on Hetalia too TT A TT NEVER GIVE UP! THERE'S STILL HOPEE!!!
Losaida Losaida May 06
If England/Brittain had stayed a little longer, we filipinos would be having those british accents and possible tea time, right love?