Married to Jungkook

Married to Jungkook

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It all starts when 2 complete strangers met..

Kim Ah Ra


Jeon Jungkook

She be like "please not today?" but then her mom mentioned not getting exo tickets i be like 'bitch im gonna rip you're face if you do that'
that moment when jungkook is 9 yrs older than u and he is calling u noona
that moment when taehyung can dance to dope in heels and u cant even take one step without face planting on the floor
juliegraceJin juliegraceJin 6 days ago
The traffic has jams but Jimin got no jams. Hahaha OMG I can't!
Well she's going to exo's concert and getting married to jungkook, i just knew who stole all of the luck i used to have..
Everybody be like JinHee
                              Here i am JINHEE FROM BAD BOY IN LUV YASSSSS