Married to Jungkook

Married to Jungkook

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"Kim Ah Ra!"I heard my mom calling me from downstairs.I groaned and walked downstairs."Yes?"I asked,looking at her."Get ready for tonight.We're going to meet Mrs Jeon and her family remember?"she reminded."Mom..can I escape?Just for tonight...please..."I begged."No no no.You must follow me.If not I'll tell your father not to buy the EXO concert ticket."she threatened.She really knows my weakness.."Fine!"I stomped my foot going back to my room.

"Is this meeting really important?"I asked myself."It's really important,Ah Ra."my sister,Na Ra interrupted."Do you know about this?"I asked."Of course,you know I'm mom's partner in crime."she smirked."Whatever..aren't you going out with your fiance today?"I asked her."Oh..Seojun oppa is busy today."she answered."Are you going with us tonight?"I asked her again."Yes..dress up like a princess tonight,okay?"she ruffled my hair.

I scoffed and shook my head."I don't want to."I crossed my arms."You're really stubborn,Ah Ra.I'm going out with my frie...

Ajamsee Ajamsee Oct 23
Wow more ppl at the living room better see my playboy husband there ohh how about the EXO tickets
taexpresso taexpresso Aug 23
make my own decision my butt. they will force ah ra to get married afterall
choi_jae98 choi_jae98 Sep 22
Woildnt it be world war 3? World war 2 happened in the 1940's i think
The character is worried about her wedding while all our ARMY are worrying about dem EXO tickets and marrying the seagull LOL
EXO ticket and married Jungkookie, AM I IN A DREAM?! Or am I just reading a story?
                              The second one.
                              Even if Ah Ra said no her eomma and eonnie would force her.