Disguised || L.S. *Slow Updates*

Disguised || L.S. *Slow Updates*

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babygirl By littleloubug Updated Apr 12, 2016

Louis is known in high school to be quite 'nerdy'. He sucks up to the teachers, stays home on Friday nights to study and to top it all off, he has next to no friends.

By night, Louis is a completely different person. His confidence comes out and he proudly works the streets, reeling in any man who has enough money to pay for him. It's not the ideal job, but he needs the money.

What happens when a certain curly-haired man walks into his life and makes an offer he cannot refuse?

pansexualjizz pansexualjizz Sep 14, 2016
if he was the type of hooker to charge that high a price for an hour, he wouldnt be standing in street corners waiting for customers like that
                              thats way too high for a street hooker
XxSoulSorcerrerxX XxSoulSorcerrerxX Sep 24, 2016
not fine bc tomorrow is my maths exam and supposed to be studying but I've been reading since 10 pm yesterday. it's 6 am now
larryislouisxharry larryislouisxharry Aug 23, 2016
I would spend my savings on him ..... not sex tho just cuddles
caracelim_x caracelim_x Sep 12, 2016
Im cringing so hard. This is sooo dangerous. Lou better watch out
HeartlessNeko HeartlessNeko Jul 27, 2015
Damn dawg. Wish I could sell for that much and still get bought.