The Alpha's Unknown Son

The Alpha's Unknown Son

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Skylar Rose By SkylarRose9 Completed

Rosaline Washingtons life turned upside town when she went to a party one night. One minute she's dancing and the next she's in her mate, the alpha, Nick Rollins ,bed. 

But when she wakes up, and finds her mate gone, she grows confused. There he rejects her and leaves her alone. 

She moves away after she finds out she's pregnant. But what will happen when a sudden death brings her back home?

  • alpha
  • completed
  • rejected
  • romance
  • werewolf
Yuesarutobi Yuesarutobi 2 days ago
On the floor, ceiling, dresser, shower, tub, chair, sink, in the kitchen, living room, computer room, game room,  brother’s room, sister’s room, guest room, garage, master bedroom, laundry room, attic, green room, tool shed, etc. There are so many rooms and possibilities 😂🤣😂
Mr_Kit_Cat_ Mr_Kit_Cat_ Oct 08
When I read the line, my mother gave me a knife and I thought she wanted me to murder him but she just wanted me to cut the vegetables
just bc they cant get drunk doesnt mean it wont affect their body 🙄
coral538 coral538 3 days ago
He's such a hoe😂😂 I would just be like bye and never be seen again
Well well..I think we have different forms of virginity me we can loose it multiple times ? I cackled..
coral538 coral538 3 days ago
Guys it's a werewolf!t happens if the author wants her to be preggers the next day then damπ we'll be it😂😂