The Alpha's Unknown Son

The Alpha's Unknown Son

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Rosaline Washingtons life turned upside town when she went to a party one night. One minute she's dancing and the next she's in her mate, the alpha, Nick Rollins ,bed. 

But when she wakes up, and finds her mate gone, she grows confused. There he rejects her and leaves her alone. 

She moves away after she finds out she's pregnant. But what will happen when a sudden death brings her back home?

All of this is happening and I'm just remembering the time I lost my grandma at the store😂
She just said it for tittle reference guys. Alpha pups are probs always male first anyway, to continue the lineage and to take over the pack
Hold up, wait a minute ... so she had sex with him already multiple times? This need so slow it down
Calm down ya'll. Anything can happen in this book! It's freaking fiction and it's fantasy. It aint real life.
Well well..I think we have different forms of virginity me we can loose it multiple times ? I cackled..
XxrahaminxX XxrahaminxX Aug 26
You can't do that tho... You can only have your 'virginity' taken once.