Love On Mute

Love On Mute

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HisBeautifulMess By HisBeautifulMess Updated Oct 30, 2015

Eva G. Alexander is classified as the crazy mental girl all her life. Her mother and father neglected and abused her since she was a child but no one believed her whenever she tried getting help. Because of those traumatic events, it caused her to block out her voice from the world as a way to cope with living. It was better to not talk at all if no one believes her in the first place. Why bother repeating the same thing if their is no hope?After her parent's were caught, she is taken away for the time being and forced to live with a temporary foster family for a time being until everything is sorted out. But the problem is, will she open her heart, let alone her voice to others? Will she find a way to smile again and be happy?

Elliot Wilson is just your average guy in school who happens to write cheesy, romantic stories for a living on Wattpad.  But due to his writing block for almost a month, his ratings has been falling in the ratings. He thought about giving up... until his father who's a social worker brings home a girl...who happens to be mute. Suddenly he thought of what can be a potential story that will get him skyrocketing to the "What's Hot" list again. But as he learns more and more about Eva, the guiltier he gets about writing about her secrets to the rest of the world...

"When life gives you millions of reasons to be give them back millions of reasons to be happy."

Abby2402 Abby2402 Nov 12
Ugh... Same. I am going through the same but not with my story on wattpad but with this story I am working on.
trini_tuitama trini_tuitama Nov 09, 2015
I've read the chapter over and over and over! Absolutely love Reasons to live! And I know this one will be just as amazing <3 Update soon! xx
SadieJackson5 SadieJackson5 Sep 22, 2015
Do you know the model/actresses name on the book cover? Btw, this is very good and I hope you update soon!
EmiGrace18 EmiGrace18 Aug 21, 2015
This is very good and I hope you continue soon. I am very interested :)
butterstix butterstix Jul 30, 2015
UPDATE!! I really want to know what's napping in eves thoughts
lazygirl16 lazygirl16 Jul 23, 2015
The plot sounds really interesting and I know I'm gonna love this book<3